The geoglows Python package enables access to data, API’s, and code developed for the GEOGLOWS Streamflow Model. Read more about GEOGLOWS at


These links will be maintained to reference the most updated versions of the tutorials. The tutorials are GitHub Gists which you can copy and launch in a Google Collaboratory setting directly from the GitHub.

About GEOGLOWS ECMWF Streamflow

GEOGLOWS ECMWF Streamflow Project: This project provides access to the results of a hydrologic model that is run each day. The model is based on a group of unique weather forecasts, known as an ensemble, from ECMWF. Each unique precipitation forecast, known as an ensemble member, produces a unique streamflow forecast. There are 52 members of the ensemble that drives the model each day. The ERA-5 historical precipitation dataset to also used to produce a hindcasted streamflow on each river. Read more here.

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